May 24, 2021
"Hi Adrian,
Our audit went well and if they accept the noted findings as recorded we shall have an AA rating once again. I want to thank you and your team for all the prep work done to get us ready for the inspection. Thanks again to you and your team."
David Christie, Food Safety Coordinator


April 13, 2021
"Hi Tony,
I just went by the plant today and found out that the AIB score for Pest Control was "PERFECT" (as always) ūüôā. Thank you to you and your men for always doing an EXCELLENT job!!!! "
Cheryl Bartlett, Buyer


December 4, 2020
"Good afternoon Tony and Adrian,
Thank you for your help and support not just for the BRC audit but the Amazon audit as well. The BRC audit was completed yesterday and we achieved another AA grade. A big thank you to your team and you for all the help and support you provided."


November 6, 2020
"Tony and Paul, Regarding AIB
Pest control was perfect. 200 out of 200."
AIB Audit Toray


September 3, 2020
"I can't say enough about the service I received this evening. I made a call at 7:45 pm and by 9:00 pm I was bee free. Earlier in the day I called another company (1:45 pm) had to make a second one because no one returned my call. Finally after to speaking to someone they couldn't send anyone till one week from today. I had bees coming in my house through the air conditioning. When I got out of work I called A&D. They were at my house within an hour. Adrian was pleasant and reassuring that he could help me. Thank god for him because I never would have slept worrying about bees swarming around my house. Apparently I had yellow jackets and hornets. I highly recommend this company, and thank you Adrian. I'm definitely thinking about getting that homeowners service contract."
Ann Pace


May 22, 2020
"Well it is a Happy Friday for us again this year. We received a AA score again this year. That is the highest score that can be obtained with an announced audit. We did get 4 minors but nothing to do with pest control. As always your team did a great job in helping us to be prepared for the audit and we thank you for that. Please let Jon, Adrian and the rest of the team that came out early on Monday that they did a great job.
What you are doing with your internal training and understanding of the audit requirements shows in the dedication of your employees. There was no questions at all in the area of pest control. Thanks once again and have a great weekend!"
David Christie, Food Safety Coordinator


February 21, 2020
"I had my time with the AIB auditor today ‚Äď He said he was surprised you came by so quickly yesterday but was glad you did because it was informational for him. Thank you! Once he went through the books and maps and weekly inspection logs, he stated "He runs a tight ship" ‚Äď These are some of the best records I've ever seen.
He even counted how many traps were on the map and how many are checked weekly and was "Surprised" that they equaled the same ‚Äď Kudos to you and your team because I see another (hopefully) perfect score yet again!!! I'll keep you posted as I hear more. Again, thank you for stopping by and it was nice to see you!"
Cheryl Bartlett, Buyer


January 30, 2020
"On January 14th and 15th of 2020 we completed our first  BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification audit for our sub facility within our division with a new registrar Perry Johnson. The auditor was impressed with the professional service that was provided and presented during the audit. As a result, there were no findings in the pest control portion of the audit. Your services have helped me meet the BRC requirements which falls under the GFSI ( Global Food Safety Initiative ) as well as the AIB  ( American Institute of Baking ) GMP standards in the area of pest control for a number of years. We have also been successful meeting these requirements with a number of registrars over the years, NSF, AIB, SAI Global and now Perry Johnson. Thanks to you and your team at A&D Professional Pest Elimination for your continued service and support when needed."
Vincent Fleming, Senior Operations Coordinator


October 19, 2019
"Please have Friday October 25th be the last service date for our Boston restaurant. It should be just for the drains as the bi weekly pest visit was this past Friday. On a separate note, I shared your contact information with the new owners as they wanted to continue the relationship with you. I told them that you are the best pest elimination service we've partnered with in Boston over the years."
Julian, General Manager Newbury Street Boston MA


October 16, 2019
"I want to thank you and your team for all the help and support you provided through this audit. The audit went well and the auditor was very impressed with our "Pest Control" process. Thank you again, GREAT JOB TO YOUR TEAM!"
Nella Fonseca, Director of Quality Assurance


August 26, 2019
"We just recently completed or annual BRC audit and I am pleased to say that once again you and your team has knocked it out of the park. The auditor was pleased with your service which had no non conformance's. The service and technical knowledge of you and your team are exceptional and much appreciated. During any and all audits that I have, A&D Professional Pest Elimination is always prepared. Thanks again!"
Vincent Fleming, Senior Operations Coordinator


July 19, 2019
"I wish to extend my appreciation to you and your team once again for your services throughout the year and during our recent AIB audit that took place this week. For three separate buildings and certifications the pest control portion each received a score of 200 out of 200.
Your audit scores as well as your prompt actions regarding service calls, consistent routine services, record keeping, supervisor visits, assessments as well as attention to detail give me the utmost confidence in A&D Professional Pest Elimination at all times. It is a pleasure doing business with you and your team."
Vincent Fleming, Senior Operations Coordinator


May 23, 2019
"You guys are great and I enjoy working with you. By the way not sure if I told you but the BRC inspection went very well and we could be seeing a AA rating if our Corrective actions are accepted against the couple of minors the auditor found. Nothing found where it concerns pest control. He really likes the concern you have for your business and your customers."
David M. Christie, Quality Technician


March 21, 2019
"Our AIB audit went well. We received a perfect score in pest management. Thank you so much for all of your help."
Nella Fonseca, Director of Quality Assurance


March 18, 2019
"Thanks again to everyone at A&D. We got another perfect score of 200 points on the pest management section of our AIB audit!"
Cheryl Bartlett, Buyer


July 10, 2018
"To Tony,
I wanted to thank you for the service that your company has performed at our two hospitals. The fly issue in that area was a problem for over two years. Our previous pest control company could not seem to get it under control. I was amazed how it took only a few hours for you and Adrian to identify the source. The last fly was seen ten days after you were contracted. Also, the mice were eliminated with the help of our maintenance staff and your team after you evaluated both the inside of the buildings and outside including the surrounding areas for entry points and conducive conditions. In closing I look forward to a great relationship with A&D Professional Pest Elimination. "
Paul Ponte, Director of Environmental Service


June 20, 2018
"I have been in the Healthcare business for over 40 years and have never contracted with a company as good as A&D Pest Elimination.  The company's response time is next to no other, technicians always respond within the hour and the work they perform is always of excellent quality.  Pest issues we had for many years before A&D went away soon after they started the account.  They truly are the bug and rodent experts and I am very pleased we have contracted with such an excellent company"
Roger Durand, Hospital Director
Environmental Services & Central Laundry


June 14, 2018
"A&D has been taking care of our two buildings, preventative for termites and carpenter ants, for a while now. Today we had a scare, a housekeeper, while changing the bed linens, declared that she found bed bugs in two of the bedrooms. In a panic, I called them, about 4:45 pm. They came right out, to inspect, and to make a plan, which would have to be taken into consideration, sixty years of accumulation with which to consider, if full aerial fumigation was required. After a very comprehensive inspection of the entire house, not just the two suspicious bedrooms, he declared that, what were thought to be bed bugs, were in fact, merely one or two carpet beetles, and that we had no worries.
We were impressed with his promptness, with his thoroughness, with his eagle eye, with his professionalism, regardless that he also delivered very welcome news. Lightening responsiveness, professional, intelligent, insightful, courteous, comprehensive, expert. I am glad we have them on our team!"


May 15, 2018
"Just moved to the woods in Harrisville, with 2 dogs and a new baby. Called A&D to spray for Ticks & Mosquitoes so I can enjoy my backyard this summer! Did a great job. I haven't been bit once since the treatment. Highly recommended! Thank you A&D"
Michael Bessette


November 30, 2017
"Again, A&D Pest Control did an outstanding job preparing us for our AIB audit - Thank you for your outstanding service!!!"
Cheryl Bartlett, Buyer


November 16, 2017
"I am very happy to share good news about our building. Our maintenance shop has had a severe roach problem for the last 10-15 years. We've had the chutes cleaned numerous times, in the past 3-4 years, plus we've had numerous pest control companies treat it. It would get better for a little while, but they would always return. When they returned, it wasn't just a few roaches, there were hundreds of them.
Approximately a month(s) ago, Tony Tudino, President of A&D Professional Pest Elimination, met his technician at our building. Tony was determined to put an end to this roach problem. Dressed in a business suit, Tony climbed inside a trap door that he located by the trash chute and he found hundreds of roach nests. That is where the problem was all along; and finally someone found it: Tony Tudino, Adrian Pinto and the A&D Team. 
It's been over a month now and there is no sign of any roaches. I am ecstatic that the problem has been solved and I wanted you all to know. Thank You"
Luanne, Housing Authority Property Manager


October 27, 2017
"I'm writing to you to communicate what a professional service that has been provided throughout the 2017 year for each of our three facilities, as well as our three adjacent buildings.
Once again, both our Food Safety Audits for AIB and BRC certifications for all facilities were flawless. Each facility scoring a 200 out of a possible 200 score for AIB was outstanding. The physical maintenance and documentation is always on point.
Please let all members of your team know of the results and the extended appreciation for their services."
Vincent A. Fleming, Senior Operations Coordinator


August 31, 2017
"We completed the BRC audit. Your area of responsibility was excellent with no findings made by the auditor. I want to say that your team surely is Professional. I recognized the work and preparation that your team demonstrated over the last few days as well as throughout each year.
Please let all your technicians know as well as your supervisor Adrian. Next audit is at the end of October.
Thanks Again."
Vincent Fleming, Senior Operations Coordinator


December 6, 2016
"I just wanted to take minute to compliment one of your own, Tara Florio. We just switched to your services because our previous pest control company wasn't catching a rodent. Tara came in and with her expertise assessed the area, placed the traps and just this morning, a rodent had been captured. Tara arrived to remove it and reset the traps. We are so glad we switched to your company. Thanks Tara. Merry Christmas to A&D."
Paul LaGreca


December 5, 2016
"I wanted to personally thank everyone who came in last week to make sure we were all set for our AIB Audit. The effort was definitely noticed by many here and people are always impressed with the way A&D represents itself and the great work that is done.  
THANK YOU Everyone!!!!!"
Cheryl Bartlett, Buyer


September 8, 2016
"A&D took care of a yellow jacket nest in my basement. They sent out a technician the next day even though I called late in the day. My technician was very knowledgeable. I had to have them come again because the nest was very extensive. They came back within an hour of my call. Thankfully it is now gone for good. I'd recommend them to anyone with a problem. Great customer service!"
Linda B
Warwick, RI


August 26, 2016
"I contacted A&D regarding a flea problem on a Sunday and Mike responded within minutes and he kept corresponding with me and made me feel at ease!! He told me the office would contact me the following day....and they did!!! I had an appt. a couple of days later.
Jeff came to my house and was very professional and informative.....he made me feel comfortable and took care of everything!! He fogged the whole house, upstairs, downstairs, the cellar and even outside around the house!!! He said I may see a few for a couple of days but not to worry they won't live.......well I haven't seen or felt anything!!! Seriously these guys were AWESOME!!! Soooo glad I Google exterminators and they popped up!!! I would HIGHLY recommend them!!!
Ohhhh.....one more thing......their truck advertisement was just right.....not the loud, obnoxious type....you know.....so it wasn't embarrassing!!!!!"
Darlene S
Acushnet, MA


July 15, 2016
"A&D Professional Pest Elimination has been wonderful from the start. Speaking to Mike Marshall via messages and over the phone has been so helpful with all of the information needed, setting up an inspection and just feeling at ease as to what is going on with our situation. He has been so accommodating with not only setting up the inspection as soon as he could, but also setting up our treatment as soon as possible as well which was a must for us. Tim, who did our inspection, was great as well. He was very professional, informative and thorough in inspecting which made me feel a lot better. He walked me through everything and answered all of my questions.
A&D is very professional, trustworthy and is the ONLY pest control company I spoke to this week that GUARANTEES their work and won't stop until their job is done and 100% successful. They stand behind their work. Which is what we were looking for. We don't want to have to call another pest control company to come back 6 months later to do another treatment. We want this gone for good.
Thank you so much to Mike, Tim and everyone at A&D Pest Control for everything and for making sure our home is in good hands. We appreciate it and will recommend you to anyone! "
A'drianna G
Taunton, MA


May 23, 2016
"Mike was awesome! Super quick in helping and evaluating my home thoroughly. I was so impressed by his responsiveness and professionalism. Highly recommend! "
Erin C.


May 11, 2016
"Called A & D Pest Control and immediately got a response from a technician named Mike. He set up a time for the office to call me back for an appointment which they did at the time I indicated. Mike personally handled the job and promptly came to my residence, and after confirming with me hot spots in the home where I was having a mouse problem, went about correcting the problem. Mike was very thorough in his approach, very professional, and his appearance and the manner in which he performed the task at hand. He made certain all areas of the home were checked and found some entryways that he corrected by filling in holes with some sort of foam. Mike recommended that I get their annual contract which for a small additional fee covered me for a full year service. I thought that was a very cost-effective way to monitor this situation should I have another flare-up. I'd recommend A & D highly. They know what they are doing and take a very professional approach."
Tom S
Gloucester, RI


May 3, 2016
"I have used A&D for my home and business for years. They are the best. They know what to do to treat anything! I highly recommend them."
Marisa Nero
The Foundry Associates, Downtown Providence


February 15, 2016
"This letter of recommendation is to acknowledge the outstanding job that A&D Professional Pest Elimination has done here at our hospital for the past several years. A&D Professional Pest Elimination is a family owned and operated business with their main objective being professionalism, customer satisfaction and a need and desire for growth in the pest control industry.
I've worked in environmental services in the health care industry for over 25 years. One of my responsibilities is to manage the pest control program and interact with the pest control company. After working with A&D during my 1st year, I couldn't help but notice the superior service they deliver and the results that came with it. We are provided the same technician on a weekly basis, which assures consistency and continuity in the service we expect and at the same time, he's valued as a team member and part of the family.
One of the many success stories about A&D that comes to mind for me is the time we had bees nesting in a tree/bush outside of one of the building's walkways. Within minutes from the time we contacted A&D, Mr. Tudino sent a crew over to not only eliminate the bees, but also had the tree/bush cut down, which isn't normally the pest control's responsibility. This truly exemplifies the type of high, quality service A&D delivers on a consistent basis by always going "above and beyond" for their customers.
In conclusion I can only say that A&D is a reputable company that delivers high quality service and they are truly an asset to their profession. They are the best in the business."
Lou Borrelli, Director Environmental/Laundry Services


December 4, 2015
"We just completed our annual AIB, GMP Food Safety Audit this week, and I am pleased ( but not surprised ) to say that each of our two divisions received a perfect score of 200 in the area of Pest Control. I appreciate the professional service and results that I receive throughout the year and during each of our many Food Safety Audits.
Thanks again and looking forward to another great year."
Vincent A. Fleming, Senior Operations Coordinator


June 30, 2015
"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in reference to the service performed by A&D Professional Pest Elimination. As an associate director for property management for the housing authority, it is imperative that we meet the needs of our residents in a timely and efficient manner, which is what A&D has done for us.
Our properties consist of 19 different sites, totaling 230 buildings in all. An important factor in our service was to have the same technician and back-up technician service our properties for consistency. A&D's service technician works closely with our management and maintenance staff in identifying issues, documenting the issues via paperwork and pictures and creating corrective plans of action. Follow up is completed by the A&D service technician within one week to be sure the corrective plan of action is working. I must add that our pest control requests for service have been greatly reduced since A&D has been servicing our properties. They have eliminated issues with roaches in many of the problematic units. In 2014, we were having an issue with roaches infesting our trash chutes. A&D devised a roach bait system, using rope that was baited with roach bait. The issue was eliminated without any roaches spreading to surrounding units.
Prior to the winter months, A&D Professional Pest Elimination treated the perimeters of several of our problematic buildings with a rodent repellent. It has proven to be successful and we could not be happier with the result. They have even removed woodchucks from our property!
In addition, A&D Professional Pest Elimination has serviced many of our units for bed bugs. Included in their service are mattress encasements and if needed, bed bug preparation services. We have used A&D Professional Pest Elimination to remove infested furniture from our units to avoid spreading infestation to other surrounding units.
In conclusion, it is without a doubt that A&D Professional Pest Elimination upholds the highest level of service in Integrated Pest Management. The management has always been accommodation and willing to meet any requests that we have made of them."
Debra Morrisette, Housing Authority Associate Director of Property Management


June 29, 2015
"I am writing to you in regard to the company we utilize for our pest control services, A&D Professional Pest Elimination. We have used A&D Professional Pest Elimination for several years. Our past relationships with other pest control companies have resulted in canceling contracts due to unsatisfactory performance. None have been able to compare to the quality or have ever had the continued positive results that A&D have given us.
A&D has always provided to us the same service technician who has a familiar knowledge of campus buildings and is able to identify potential problems before they turn into larger issues. A&D always provides proper documentation such as service reports, in addition photo documentation that makes a potential situation easier.
A&D has answered every call for emergency service within an hour, even on weekends and holidays.
Their approach to addressing issues has led to weeks without work orders. That is an amazing accomplishment considering the size of our complex. In my forty one years of service I have never seen or experienced results like this before. They are an amazing company to do business with. They are on the complex treating outside perimeters of the buildings with rodent repellent on days when they are not scheduled to be at the hospital.
I will also mention that our kitchen and cafeterias have had zero issues with any pest.
Fred, Manager of Hospital Housekeeping Services


June 5, 2015
"I received the AIB audit report today.  We did score a 980/1000! Pest management did score a perfect 200. Thanks"
Quality /Technical / HACCP & Food Defense Director


"I have been a manager here for 35 Years. This is the longest period that we have ever gone without an infestation. I was a doubting Thomas in the beginning, but now I am a believer. Thank you all for the excellent service."
Jim, Hospital Cafeteria Manager


"I wanted to write you even before you sent the lovely handwritten note thanking me for choosing your company in appreciation for my business. I wish all businesses could be just a little bit like you. You took the time to answer my important questions and concerns even before you had my account - and always have. Your worker, Antonio Reis, was here on time and treated me with the same respect you did. Both of you said the job would take 2 hours and it did. He took the time to explain what he was doing - did not rush and despite the fact he should have left a little bit of a mess - he did not. I did not even need to vacuum after he went into the attic space. I always need to vacuum when I go into the attic space.
He explained every procedure, let me ask questions, took the time to answer them and even felt bad when we killed a lady bug by mistake. Keep in mind, he was working Saturday, in hot, humid weather and worked very hard, never missing a beat. You have one devoted hard worker there and I would give him or you a reference ANYTIME!
And last but not least, when it took time for me to pay, he explained the contract, took the time to give me a receipt, and told me to take my time writing out the check. I am so satisfied with your business and the reasonable price that I would hire your company again in a second. Not to mention that I fully trusted you and your worker to tell me the truth, and you did, and you told me you were sending your best worker, and you did.
I sometimes wish you fixed roofs, plumbing, and computers. Unfortunately, there are not too many companies like you around that do the best job possible and conduct business honestly and respectively."
Karen Lea, Pascoag RI


"I just wanted to take a few minutes to recognize what a wonderful job your technician Ken did today at my house! He arrived and after I pointed out the source of the wasp nests, he immediately went to work, he was able to eliminate the nest, the queen, and remaining wasps in just a few minutes. Ken also checked other areas of the house and found another nest and was able to eliminate that one as well, and quickly took action and eliminated that threat.
Ken was very very courteous and super professional and accommodating, he put us at ease and also educated us about the differences about wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets and gave us some tips to prevent future infestations.
I give A & D Pest the highest marks for superior customer service, excellence and satisfaction. Trust me, coming from someone who despises any form of insect, rodent or reptile, and is a natural-born-cheapskate, I can promise you all you need to do is call tony and his team. They will eliminate the threat safely and quickly without gouging your wallet. This is the best pest control service I have ever used for any home, past or present.
Thanks for a job well done!"


"We got a "PERFECT" score for the pest control section of our AIB audit. We wanted to thank you and your technicians for all the hard work put into this for our facility. Again, just wanted to say thanks to you and your company for such a great job."
Cheryl, Purchasing Agent


"There are no words to express the depth of gratitude that the education department has for you. Although you waited quite a while to be paid, your promise to continue service allowed 6,100 students to finish an entire school year. Thanks to the acceleration of state aid, we can now pay you for services provided this school year. Our hope is that we can continue our relationship in the upcoming year. I personally appreciate your dedication to our students of the education department."
Giovanna, Superintendent of Schools


"Although at the time we had no major pest control issues, our many audits and customer demands on Food Safety and Sanitation require us to have a reputable and top notch Pest Control Company. A & D came into our plant and immediately corrected any deficiencies that we may have had in our system. We have had eight audits this year, all by different third party agencies and we have scored well in every section dealing with pest control and documentation. Jeremy has been the cite PCO for our plant and his demeanor has been nothing short of professional the entire time. His records are complete, his attitude is pleasant, and his reliability is impeccable. I have been very pleased with A & D and with Jeremy that I would highly recommend them." VIEW REPORT
Ronald J. Rabczak, Quality Manager


"A&D Pest Control has been our exterminator for several years now. In the last year, we have had a problem with Bed Bugs in our building with over 200 units for elderly, disabled and handicapped individuals; this in itself has made it a very complex issue. Although this is a widespread problem, A&D has worked with the CHFA in keeping the Bed Bug problem under control. Of course there are tenants who will bring the bed bugs in from the outside, but with A&D we have been able to keep them under control. A&D has responded and inspected for us immediately when calling them. The units were treated immediately and the precautionary units done in a timely manner - sometimes in as little as a day. I do have to say that all units had to be done around the unit (cross pattern) for pre-cautionary measures as recommended by A&D - this is how the problem came under control. A&D also put mattress covers on the tenants beds during the 1st treatment, this also contributed to get rid of the bed bugs. Although it appears costly, A&D is rather inexpensive for the quality of service and warranty that they give with the treatments. The team at A&D assisted with some tenants that could not do the whole prep without even questioning. Many of the exterminators, including Tony, came and spoke with the tenants to ease their minds, with this and speaking with management, our tenants are very calm at this point because they see it is under control. All employees are very courteous to all of our tenants even if the tenants have been rude with them. A&D answers all questions and provide supporting documentation as to the treatment process in an efficient manner. On several occasions, Tony himself has just appeared at our site if a question arose within hours of asking. A&D and management being pro-active and working as a team (cross pattern, tenant education, tenants prep) with this issue has had great rewards. Management had to not give tenants a choice if the unit was being done for pre-caution and respond legally to the tenants that were failing to do prep etc. We also provide documentation for the initial treatment for pre- and post responsibilities. I would definitely recommend A&D due to their professionalism, cost and excellent treatment process for all your pest issues."
Christine Allen, Property Manager


"I highly recommend A&D Professional Pest Control for your pest control needs. They have had the contract at my facility for the past three years. Prior to their coming aboard, we had numerous complaints from different departments regarding roaches, ants, bees, and vermin. By following their pest control recommendations we have nearly eliminated all of our previous pest concerns. As a large hospital facility, we are closely monitored for infestations in our dietary and nursing areas. A&D works with the Rhode Island Department of Health on their inspection tours of our facility. This close relationship has resulted in excellent reviews from the health department. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this firm. Their technicians are knowledgeable and work well with all personnel in the hospital."
William Gillen, Supervisor of Housekeeping Services


"Our customers frequently perform audits of our operation and sop practices that are very strict including pest control program. A & D Pest Control has been servicing our facility since 1995 and has always provided us with excellent service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I was so pleased with the service that they provided our company that I now use them at my home."
Paul Russo, Building Maintenance Supervisor


"This letter is in regards to my client, whom you provided treatment for bed bugs with follow up inspection. Please know that I have been informed that there has been no evidence of bed bugs. I received positive feedback from this individual stating that she was very pleased with your services and professionalism. Thank you very much for all of your help. I will definitely consider your company for future needs."
Family Service Coordinator


"I would like to take a moment to thank you and your company for all your help and excellent service I have received from you for the past 5 years. It has been a pleasure and honor to have work with 1st class people like yourself."
Vic Ventura


"On behalf of our establishment, I would like to express our sincere thanks for the outstanding job you and your staff did eliminating the severe problem we had with roaches. Your company was highly recommended to us after countless months of dealing with a pest control company that simply could not handle the problem. The infestation was severe and due to the extreme size of our facility, the roaches continued to spread into the offices above and beneath the cafeteria. We were impressed with how quickly you were able to locate the source of the problem and eliminate the roaches without any interruption to our normal business. We are equally impressed with your professional staff, maintenance program, and immediate response to service calls."
Deborah Richard, Direct Sales Division


"Our facility contracted A & D Professional Pest Control in the year 2000. For more than four years they have managed our pest control program on a monthly basis in compliance with our food safety preventive program. We continuously receive high excellence ratings from random food safety inspections. A & D employees are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and thorough and always there at moments notice. I would highly recommend A & D Professional Pest Control to anyone or any business needing pest control."
Thomas Johnston, Vice President


"This letter is to let you know how satisfied we were with A & D Professional Pest Control's services at our restaurant. We had utilized a very well known pest control company for over twenty years, they never solved my problem, and lead me to believe that this was just part of being in the restaurant business. I was told about A & D, had arranged a meeting with Tony Tudino, president of the company, and quickly learned this company was a no nonsense pest elimination company… their references were quite impressive. Tony assured me that they could solve the problem quickly. Two weeks after the first treatment, our problem was solved. The follow-up treatments were done efficiently and professionally and they completely eradicated our problem. I highly recommend their services to anyone having a pest control problem."
Jimmy Burchfield


"This letter is in reference to our long standing relationship with A & D Professional Pest Control. We have relied on their outstanding service for over four years. In the past we have had other well-known companies. A & D was recommended to us by other businesses similar to ours and they took over our account, and solved our problems immediately. We highly recommend this top quality service company."


"A & D has been our pest control company for the past six months. Before we signed A & D, our restaurant had a continuing pest problem for several years. Our restaurant went through six other companies without ever resolving the problem. A & D was recommended to us through other businesses and the Rhode Island Board of Health. After two thorough treatments in a two-week period, our problem was eliminated and we have had no problems since. Their customer service and follow-up are top quality."
Donna Townsend, General Manager