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If squirrels have invaded your home or place of work, contact A&D Professional Pest Elimination your licensed wildlife professional, to safely remove the squirrels.

Habit: In general, squirrels nest in tree cavities or build nests in tree branches during the warmer months. When it is colder, squirrels may live in tree holes, but are also known for invading homes and structures to keep warm.

Diet: A squirrel eats various things, depending on the season and what is available. They eat catkins, flowers, rose hips, shoots, and bark. They may even rob nests in spring, taking both eggs and young birds. Their most important natural food is tree seed.

Reproduction: They start mating when they are one year old. It takes about six weeks from the time the squirrels mate until the baby squirrels, called kittens, are born. Twice a year, in the spring and at the end of summer, the female squirrel has two to five kittens.

Other: • A squirrel needs about 16 acorns per week, or 825 throughout the year.
• Squirrels are considered to be pests as they can damage electrical wires and telephone lines outdoors.
• Squirrels enter homes in the colder months to keep warm, where they can gnaw at wires, possibly causing a fire.
• Most fires of unknown origin are caused by rodents chewing on electrical wires.

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