skunks SKUNKS


Habit: Skunks usually can be found living in clearings, pastures, open lands bordering forests, on prairies where they will seek cover in the thickets, and timber fringes near streams. Ground burrows, old hollow logs, old buildings, board piles, junk piles, and culverts are all good places to find skunks.

Diet: They prefer meat but will eat plants and vegetables also. Insects, small animals, birds, eggs, poultry, worms, berries, grubs, and grasshoppers are also common food sources. Skunks are attracted to honey as well as foods with a strong odor.

Reproduction: Skunks mating often occurs in September or October with implantation delayed until March. Gestation time also varies, but averages around 60-75 days. Baby skunks are born in May or June, with litter sizes ranging from three to as many as ten young.

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