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A&D Opossums

Habit: Opossums habitats are diverse, ranging from arid to moist, wooded to open fields, and prefer environments near streams or swamps. They take shelter in burrows of other animals, tree cavities, brush piles, and other cover such as attics and garages, where they make a messy nest.

Diet: They prefer animal matter, mainly insects or carrion. They also eat considerable amounts of vegetable matter, especially fruits and grains. Opossums that live near people may visit compost piles, garbage cans, or food dishes intended for dogs, cats, and other pets.

Reproduction: Opossums may raise two, rarely three, litters per year. Like other marsupials, the blind, helpless young develop in a pouch. They are born 13 days after mating.

Other: Certain individuals may be a nuisance near homes where they may get into garbage, bird feeders, or pet food. They may also destroy poultry, game birds, and their nests.

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