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There's no doubt that mosquitoes are an annoyance. There's nothing like a swarm of pesky mosquitoes to ruin a fun evening on the deck or patio with your family, or to send your barbecue guests running for cover. Best known as a summer pest, Mosquitoes can develop from egg to adult in 10 - 14 days, posing as a health hazard to people and animals.

Habit: Mosquitoes reproduce in standing bodies of water. They can breed and mature in water sources as small as a hoof print or trashcan. Generally, species require two weeks to complete breeding and maturation.

Diet: While some mosquitoes do feed on blood, such as that of a human, however this is not the only part of their diet. The young will have a different diet than the adults will. There are also certain species of mosquito that do not feed on blood and are simply nectar eaters. Blood is a required component of female mosquitoes, and it does not matter if it is human or animal blood.

Reproduction: Female mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water or soft soil that will soon contain water. Eggs are laid individually, and one female can lay a hundred eggs or more. Depending upon the species of mosquito, eggs float on the surface of the water, either individually, or as a raft of eggs stuck together.

EEE (Eastern equine encephalitis): EEE is a potentially fatal disease in humans generally spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. Symptoms begin with the sudden onset of headache, high fever, chills, and vomiting. The illness may then progress into disorientation, seizures, and coma.

Zika Virus: Many people infected with Zika virus won't have symptoms or will only have mild symptoms. Zika is spread mostly by the bite of an infected mosquito. These mosquitoes bite during the day and night. Zika can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus. Infection during pregnancy can cause certain birth defects. Currently there is no vaccine or medicine for Zika.

West Nile Virus: Most people infected with West Nile virus do not experience any symptoms. In about 20% of infected people, symptoms include fever, headache, tiredness, and body aches. In rare instances the virus can infect the human nervous system, causing diseases such as meningitis or encephalitis.

Other: Mosquitoes are not only a pesky insect that cause irritating bites, they are also vectors of blood-borne diseases that affect both humans and animals.

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