birds BIRDS


Habit: Birds will inhabit any area that will offer them shelter from the climate. For example, ornate architectural features of buildings, lofts, church steeples, attics, and any place with openings that allow for roosting, loafing, and nesting they will inhabit. Birds generally nest in small, flat areas away from the ground such as building ledges, air conditioning units, or window sills. Occasionally they may even lay eggs directly on a protected ledge.

Diet: Vegetarian diets include: grasses, seaweeds, herbaceous plants, fruit, nuts, grains and seeds, pollen, and nectar. Carnivorous diets include: insects, worms, spiders, crustaceans and other invertebrates, amphibians, fish, reptiles, mammals, other birds, and carrion.

Reproduction: Females lay sets of eggs, known as clutches, in discrete groups, in clearly defines nests. This may range from just a scrape in the ground to highly elaborate constructions.

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