About A&D Professional Pest Elimination

A&D Professional Pest Elimination was founded in 1990 by Anthony Tudino, who still is involved in the day-to-day operations. We provide commercial, industrial, and residential pest elimination services to Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our accounts include FDA inspected food plants; country clubs, pharmaceutical plants, colleges and homes just like yours. We have expanded our services to nuisance wildlife removal and pest proofing of homes and businesses and drain cleaning for fly control.

Tony worked for a large pest control company and wanted to give customers more than just control. He decided to open his own business and give customers the absolute best services the industry has seen. He would drive to commercial business parks in his Datsun and dress in casual attire and hand out business cards. If a Pest control treatment came about, he would go back to his Datsun put on a crawl suit and perform the treatment.

After six months the company grew from word of mouth referrals to the point where another technician was needed. Now, 30 years later the company has added more qualified technicians on to fill their busy workload. Tony makes sure the tradition of pest elimination has been followed through with every treatment the technicians perform. All the technicians are trained throughout the year to keep up with the ever-changing pest control service industry. We guarantee our customers pest-free work and home environments.

A&D Professional Pest Customers

Our Customers

Our clients include homes, manufacturing plants, auto dealerships, bakeries, markets, commercial kitchens, colleges, country clubs, hotels, restaurants, small diners, factories, mills, hospitals, marinas, housing and office complexes.

A&D Professional Pest 24 Hour Answering Service

24 Hr Answering Service

We have a 24 hour answering service and a company policy that requires all service calls be responded to within 24 hours. All of our technicians are on call in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

A&D Pest NPMA Green-Pro Certified

NPMA Green-Pro Certified

A & D Professional Pest Elimination is RI's ONLY NPMA Green-Pro Certified, Eco-Effective "Green" pest management company in the state.

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A&D Professional Pest Elimination

Celebrating 30 Years!

"Pest Control - 200 - Perfect Score!!!!! Thanks to a job well done - always!!" Cheryl Bartlett Buyer
"There are no words to express the depth of gratitude that the education department has for you. Although you waited quite a while to be paid, your promise to continue service allowed 6,100 students to finish an entire school year..." Giovanna Superintendent of Schools
"I highly recommend A&D Professional Pest Control for your pest control needs. They have had the contract at my facility for the past three years. Prior to their coming aboard, we had numerous complaints from different departments regarding roaches, ants, bees, and vermin. By following their pest control recommendations..." William Gillen Supervisor of Housekeeping Services
"I would like to take a moment to thank you and your company for all your help and excellent service I have received from you for the past 5 years. It has been a pleasure and honor to have work with 1st class people like yourself." Vic Ventura

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    A&D Professional Pest Elimination is a proud member of the New England Pest Management Association (NEPMA)